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noun dish·er\dishe(r)\

1. a LocalsDish contributing writer who loves everything food, drink, and restaurant related and sharing those experiences through the written word.

2. one that dishes

OUR MISSION is to provide top-notch food news and restaurant reviews with a community feel while celebrating, supporting, and enjoying the local businesses that make us proud. The goal is to provide our readers everything they need to make their dining decisions. Be a part of it from the beginning by submitting your stories for publishing.

SOME GUIDELINES: We love all things local food and drink. The culinary scene in the Bay Area is soaring with no slowdown in sight. From globally inspired cuisine to craft microbreweries that feel like home, there are endless stories to share. We are looking for original articles about new restaurant openings and expansions, as well as Chef Q&As, restaurant reviews, recipes from local chefs and restaurants, and any other story ideas related to local food and drink.


  • Food News: Provide an inside to the latest and greatest food news.
    • New restaurant openings: What cuisine will they be featuring? What is the atmosphere like? Where did their inspiration come from? Why did they choose their specific location?
    • Latest restaurant trends: What seasonal ingredients are being used? Is there a specific restaurant theme emerging?
    • Awards: Recognize accolades presented to Tampa Bay restaurants, bars, breweries, etc.
    • Special Events: Are there special events that Tampa Bay locals would want to know about?
    • Festivals: inside guide to the festivals throughout the year
  • Recipes: We’d love to feature recipes from local chefs! Intro should include why the chef is sharing this particular recipe, how they serve the dish and why it’s a favorite. Make sure the recipes includes serving size, ingredients (with measurements), clear prep directions, and a photo. (photo is an absolute must!)
  • Restaurant Reviews: We are looking for local “Dishers” to be featured contributors to the LocalsDishTB website and social media platforms. Primary content is food reviews (with photos) from local restaurants. There are two ways you can submit a review:
    • Share via social: simply post a snapshot of your food/dining experience and use #localsdishtb and/or tag @localsdishtb. We will then repost on our Instagram and twitter platforms, giving you (our “Disher” credit for the review.
    • Submit via email: Send a longer 250-500 word review of your experience with multiple photos to publish on
  • Chef Q&A: Do you know of a Chef that deserves praise and recognition? Set up an interview with him to be featured on the website! Don’t forget to accompany the Q&A with photos of the Chef, kitchen, restaurant, food, etc.

The tone of LocalsDish is positive and celebratory. We want to praise all of Tampa Bay’s talented chefs and highlight their culinary creations. Help our readers feel inspired and proud, just like we are.

To submit your story ideas, please fill out the form below.  editorial at localsdish dot com with:

  1. Your full post with a working title. Send this within the body of an email.
  2. Any relevant images for your post. (Send as separate files, not pasted within a doc.) Send only images that you own.
  3. Your bio (120 words or less) with links to your website, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter pages
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