Brand new to Pass-a-Grille Beach, Grace Restaurant opened its doors on June 14th offering modern American cuisine, wine and cocktails accompanied by impeccable service in a haven on the peaceful side of the beach. We love that locals and tourists alike can relax from their everyday demands in an environment that is elegant with out being intimidating. Get up close and personal with co-owner and chef Marlin Kaplan below:

LocalsDISH: Tell us a little about you and Grace Restaurant.

Marlin Kaplan: I am a co-owner of Grace along with my partner Lisa Masterson. We have been restaurateurs for more than 30 years, having owned 10 restaurants collectively, ranging from casual bistros to fine dining establishments. Over the years I’ve had the privilege of cooking at the James Beard House in NYC on numerous occasions. I’m happy that I can bring my years of experience as a chef with me to Pass-A-Grille, where Lisa and I work tirelessly to provide the residents and visitors alike a unique dining experience. Lisa is a talented mixologist and has been the GM at several well-known Cleveland restaurants.

What was the inspiration for Grace?

MK: Grace was inspired by our desire to provide simple, high quality cuisine to a beautiful seaside location like Pass-A-Grille.

How long has Grace been in the works?

MK: We came up with the idea in January 2017, and Grace officially opened its doors on June 14, 2017.

Why Pass-A-Grille?

MK: Grace fits right in to the Pass-A-Grille community with its laid-back, inviting concept and unique cuisine. We knew upon entering the space that the other proprietors in the community cared deeply about the locals and visitors. This attitude fell in line perfectly with what Grace represents – a space for guests to relax and unwind among the natural beauty of the beach.

How would you describe your atmosphere? What makes it special?

MK: The architecture is clean and modern, yet classic – a statement that matches the cuisine. The interior features warm woods and stone paired with comfortable leather banquettes. The colors are muted so diners can focus on each other and the food, and the décor is as whimsical as our dishes. Seth Casteel’s “Underwater Dogs” punctuate the dining rooms and Scott Miller’s eclectic original oils dot the Venetia Plaster wall of the lounge. We’ve found that all of these elements make for a truly enjoyable dining experience for our guests.

How would you describe your menu?

MK: Our menu is a collection of dishes that I’ve developed over the course of my culinary career. At the core of the Grace menu is my food philosophy – that each dish be simple and elegant, with a surprise in each bite. The menu is a tribute to Modern American Cuisine with a seafood focus.

What are your favorite menu items?

MK: We serve a lot of fresh Florida seafood, and one of our favorites right now is the potato-crusted grouper (yellow edge or scamp) with fingerling potatoes, wilted spinach, and Pine Key aioli. Another favorite is the local salt and sugar-cured heirloom tomatoes with fried pistachios, extra virgin olive oil, and orange blossom water.