Let’s get right to it…

Burger POX, Secret Sauce and Fresh-Cut Fries

Don’t worry; “burger POX” is a good thing! That’s Goody Goody Burgers’ classic labeling of their burgers with Pickles, Onions, and X (secret sauce!) They had me right from the start when I spied the lightly toasted bun, a treat far too seldom seen anymore. The burger itself is a hand-formed patty of Strickland Ranch beef, assembled with the “secret sauce” and neatly tucked into a paper wrapper. Delicious. Relax and get messy. The fries are fresh-cut, never frozen, and generously seasoned and fried to perfection which makes it really difficult to leave any on the plate.


Long History + Community Awareness

Goody Goody is THE perfect addition to Hyde Park Village! This is had to be the most eagerly anticipated restaurant opening in Tampa since…Ulele. That’s right, Richard Gonzmart has done it again. My wife and I were fortunate to get tickets to the packed pre-opening Goody Goody event for the benefit of the Hyde Park Community Fund (socially conscious Goody Goody has held a number of pre-openings to benefit local non-profits and charitable groups). We love their community awareness and their emphasis on quality Florida-grown, Florida-made, domestic products that support U.S. jobs.

I won’t go into all the background of the old Goody Goody locations, the time it took for Gonzmart to acquire the rights to the name and original recipes or to find the iconic sign because you’ve probably read all that before. I knew of the Goody Goody on North Florida shortly before it closed but unfortunately never went there. What you need to know is that Tampa residents swoon at the mention of Goody Goody burgers and fries, milkshakes, and butterscotch pies; my friends, it’s time to join them.


Old-Fashioned Menu, Diner Prices & Atmosphere You’ve Been Missing

Goody Goody is a very reasonably priced, high quality, and beautifully designed restaurant intended to stir up memories of the original Goody Goody locations (and of old-fashioned diners in general). To me, the décor isn’t an exact copy of old diner style. It is a “diner chic” look that draws on diner style elements to make something new and hip yet very familiar.

gg_decor2 gg_decor1

The menu features lots of diner-style staples like pancakes and French toast, and eggs and omelets and breakfast sandwiches, burgers, dogs, sandwich baskets, grouper, clam strips, grilled cheese, egg & olive sandwich, ahi tuna and avocado, salads, meatloaf, Salisbury steak, fried chicken…the list goes on and on. There’s something for everyone. And, you can get breakfast all day long.

gg_frenchtoast gg_pancake

Yes, there’s Beer & Wine!

Their beer and wine choices are few, but in keeping with their priority for local-sourcing (and if not local, at least domestic) they offer pilsner and IPA from the Hidden Springs Ale Works on North Franklin Street, and wines from California and Washington.

Original Dessert Recipes

Pies include the famous Butterscotch, Coconut Cream, Banana Cream, Chocolate Cream, and Apple. My wife and I loved the Coconut Cream and the Butterscotch, respectively. And, you can get it ala mode with Old Meeting House ice cream. My wife can’t wait to do “movie night” at CinéBistro and then drop in at Goody Goody afterward for a generous slice of Coconut Cream and some coffee, roasted in Ybor City at Naviera Coffee Mills.

gg_coconut gg_butterscotchgg_pies

Pick-up & Carry-Out Options

They’ll have a pick-up/carry out window on the sidewalk, but it isn’t open yet – like the restaurant itself, they say they’ll open it “when they’re ready” and have perfected their processes. They don’t take reservations, but you can put your name on the waiting list via the NoWait app.

The Where & When:

Check out their menu at www.Goodygoodyburgers.com, and then come to visit. You can’t miss it; Goody Goody is on the corner of W Swann and S Dakota. Parking is in the rear of the building, or in one of the three Hyde Park Village parking ramps. It’s open 7 days per week, starting at 7 a.m., Sunday through Thursday til 10, Friday and Saturday til 11.