There’s a National food holiday for any and every occasion it seems, so it’s hard to navigate through the clutter and pay attention to the ones that matter. Listen up. Hear this (or at the minimum continue reading): August 20th is National Bacon Lovers’ Day. Not to be confused with National Bacon Day (Dec. 20th) or International Bacon Day (Sept. 1st), this day is all about you—the unabating bacon lover.

Those Offerings Though

Local eatery Datz is always on the cusp of creating innovative craft cocktails and dishes that resonate well with its customer base. For National Bacon Lovers’ Day, they’ve crafted two signature limited time offerings that should excite any bacon enthusiast.

Bacon and Egg Cocktail

Start your meal with the Bacon and Egg cocktail. It’s been reported that bacon and eggs are consumed together 71% of the time. This statistic holds true with Datz’s special cocktail of Bourbon, lemon, simple syrup, orange bitters, egg white, and bourbon-infused bacon. All ingredients are combined to create a refreshing cocktail that’s ideal for National Bacon Lovers’ Day. I’d enjoy this drink any day – or any morning for brunch.

bacon and eggs cocktail

Bacon Flight with Dipping Sauces

For those who prefer to enjoy bacon in its purest form, Datz is also featuring a ‘When Pigs Fly’ bacon flight. You can never go wrong with a flight of anything, especially delicious bacon. This flight pairs Benton’s hickory smoked bacon, jowl bacon, back bacon, peppered bacon, and Jones bacon with maple syrup, red chili pepper jam, and Valrhona chocolate for dipping. Whether you like your bacon sweet, savory, or salty, you control the customization of your bacon flight experience.

Datz’s lovefest for Bacon Lovers doesn’t end with these specials. Datz customers will also receive a complimentary basket of bacon paired with unique dipping sauces with every drink purchased.

Plan accordingly. And for the love of bacon, meet me at Datz on National Bacon Lovers’ Day.