Tampa International Airport is in the midst of a massive transformation inside and out! By the end of 2017, TIA aims to have 65 new restaurants, bars and shops constructed throughout the airport, with a huge emphasis placed on local flavor.

Emily Nipps from Tampa International says, “[We] really wanted this new concessions program to look, smell and taste like the Tampa Bay region and we think most of these new restaurant concepts accomplish this.”

Some familiar names include: Four Green Fields, The Gasparilla Bar, Ulele, Bavaro’s, RumFish, Ducky’s, Columbia Restaurant, Cigar City Brewing, Mise En Place Café, Goody Goody Burgers, Buddy Brew, Alessi Bakery and Kahwa Coffee. Since you’ve probably heard of (and dined at) most of these places, now you can welcome their touchdown to TIA!