On Tuesday, Big Storm Brewing Company, with taprooms located in Clearwater and Odessa, announced the release of their Belgian-style Hurricane Series.

“After our Belgian Single was awarded a Silver Medal at this year’s Best Florida Beer Competition, we knew we were on to something, and decided to expand our Belgian offerings,” stated Mike Bishop, Founder of Big Storm.

The series is released in conjunction with the Atlantic Hurricane Season and includes Categories 1 through 4, of course named after the different hurricane levels based on a storm’s sustained wind speed. As hurricanes grow stronger with each category, so does the ABV in the Big Storm Hurricane series.

Belgian flight reframedBELGIAN SINGLE – CATEGORY 1 ABV 6.0 / IBU 15
A silver medalist at the 2016 Best Florida Beer awards, the Belgian Single is the first in the Big Storm “Hurricane Series.” It is pale yellow in color and pours a billowy white head. This award-winning ale is well carbonated with fruity and spicy Belgian yeast character and a floral hop aroma.

The second installment of the Big Storm “Hurricane Series,” the Dubbel features a deep reddish amber to copper in color with rich malty flavor. This best seller presents dark or dried fruit esters reminiscent of raisin, plum and dates. The dense creamy off-white head sits atop a clear and complex sweet malt flavor that generally finishes moderately dry.

Category 3 has a higher alcohol content and features a yellow to deep golden color, with a creamy white head. Citrusy esters are present with a slight note of banana, as the beer laces the glass. The Tripel has become a fan favorite due to the somewhat spicy, dry, ale with a firm malt flavor and higher hop bitterness.

Belgian Quadrupel – Category 4 ABV 10.6 / IBU 25
Characterized by the reddish amber in color, the distinctive nature of this ale is a rich malty presence and the intense dark fruit esters of raisin, plum, and dates. The complex malt flavors and yeast esters leaves the drinker with a warm satisfying experience.

Category 5, a Belgian Quintupel, will be the last installment in the Big Storm Hurricane Series. It is currently in production and will be released later this summer.


For more information, visit the website at www.bigdstormbrewery.com

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