Author: Harry Martin

Bay’s Best BBQ: 12 Barbecue Spots to Explore

It’s no secret—Floridians love their barbecue. Now that summer shines in full force the lure of smoky barbequed meat is at its prime; smokers are filling the air with smoky glory, grills are sizzling and searing, and red-checkered tablecloths are out on bright display. Alongside are heaps of comfort food like creamy mac-n-cheeses, perfect semicircle scoops of potato salad, collard greens, beans and other indulgent sides. Hungry yet? When it comes to barbecue, there are a plethora of options. Many focus on specific methods from various regions. The Carolinas are known for their vinegar and tangy mustard-based sauces with...

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Our Favorite Fido Friendly Restaurants & Bars

Photos by Erin Marie Photography Elaine Christensen & Michael Jensen + Harold (Lab/Bullmastiff mix) Restaurant choice: Tryst Gastro Lounge What do you like best about this pup friendly space? The spacious area and welcoming staff puts Tryst at the top of the list for our little family! What is your favorite thing on the menu? I love the Korean beef bulgogi as an appetizer or a meal. The lettuce wraps are tangy and refreshing, it is always my go-to! Why would you recommend this destination to other dog-loving families? Tryst has such an inviting outdoor space, but the fact that it is...

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Tastings Dinners Rise Up in Tampa Bay: Our FarmTable Experience

FOR FOOD FANS LOOKING TO TAKE THEIR CULINARY EXPERIENCES TO THE NEXT LEVEL IT’S HARD TO BEAT A WELL-THOUGHT-OUT AND EXECUTED TASTING DINNER. RESTAURANT GOERS ARE ASKING MANY MORE QUESTIONS ABOUT WHAT THEY EAT—HOW IT IS MADE, FROM WHOM AND WHERE THE FOOD IS BEING SOURCED, AND HOW IT IS BEING PACKAGED OR PREPARED. TASTING DINNERS CAN GIVE YOU INSIGHTS INTO ALL THESE AREAS AND MORE! How are these dinners different from your standard dining experience? While tasting dinners vary greatly from restaurant to restaurant, there are some usual features. First, the menu and price is typically pre-set, with optional wine or drink pairings for an additional fee. Second, the number...

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James Beard & The Consuming Arts

The elemental purpose of food is to nourish and sustain life. If one only considers this functional and practical approach, meal opportunities are endless and most options are likely flat-out boring. Somewhere in the depths of human history, we went from a nomadic hunt-and-gather way of life to one of infusion and intricacy. One man turned the tables on “standard” by popularizing culinary art, culture and education into the daily eating habits of American cuisine. His name—James Beard. Portland, Ore. native James Beard has an unprecedented list of accomplishments in the culinary world. He authored cookbooks and articles, was instrumental...

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Keep it Local! LD Holiday Gift Guide

Tis’ the season for gift giving! As you peruse the world of unlimited options, we’ve refined a list of some of the coolest locally made goods that make perfect gifts to friends, family and co-workers. We think that supporting local businesses not only is a unique way to share a gift, but also a way to make our region a strong business center for all. Sure we’re a little heavy handed on the consumable side of gift giving, but hey, this is a food magazine after all! Consider putting these marvelous Bay Area businesses on your shopping lists and...

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